Tailored Water Treatment Solutions

Every water-based application or industry has its own set of complexities that can impact water quality, water health, water management, remediation and selection of treatment solutions. The EMF series of devices are designed and individually tailored to target specific applications which can tackle many of their concerns.

Water Remediation and Wastewater solutions

EMF 1000 Series

This series of devices are designed specifically for applications where a waterbody suffers from low oxygen concentrations. This underlying low oxygen concentration promotes anaerobic conditions and processes which can then start a cycle of eutrophication and create unhealthy waterbodies. Conventional solutions typically add oxygen to waterbodies but are generally very expensive, complex, require specific infrastructure and expertise. The EMF 1000 is a turnkey, innovative, simple, chemical-free and mechanical-free solution.

How the EMF 1000 Works

Once in the water and activated, specifically programmed electromagnetic signals impact certain physicochemical properties of the waterbody which increases the rate of gas exchange across the air-water boundary. This allows oxygen and other gases to diffuse into the waterbody faster and raises the overall dissolved oxygen concentration. This shifts the equilibrium from anaerobic to more aerobic conditions over time. Aerobic processes promote a healthier waterbody for biological processes and overall ecosystem. The impact is unique to each waterbody depending on pre-existing site conditions. A single EMF 1000 unit is effective up-to an area of 50 acres . The unit DOES NOT irradiate the water.

Impact on Waterbodies

Lakes and Ponds

Maintain a Healthy Ecosystem

Control Algal Blooms

Wastewater and

Solve Sludge Management Issues

Maintain Effluent Compliance

Photovoltaic Farms

Improving Dissolved Oxygen with EMF 1000

Waterbodies with large solar panels installed to harness clean energy from the sun. Much of the waterbody’s surface is covered and blocked from the sun. This solar shading and surface flow restrictions will hinder photosynthesis and restrict necessary water movement that captures oxygen from the air. Adding a large mechanical mixer to increase oxygen transfer may also be difficult at such locations. The EMF 1000 can be fitted easily and improve the overall dissolved oxygen concentration.

Industrial Influent and Effluent Treatment

Optimizing Industrial Processes with Improved Water Quality

Many industrial applications have an influent and effluent water stream which impact both upstream and downstream processes. In the absence of contaminations by heavy metals, volatile toxic chemicals and refractory chemicals, improving the oxygen concentration of the influent water could optimize downstream processes by improving process functions, reducing energy requirements, reducing maintenance, and reducing OPEX and CAPEX costs. Treating the effluent water ensures regulatory compliance and may make room for beneficial reuse of the remediated water.


In-situ Waste Digestion in Aquaculture with EMF 1000

Fish in aquaculture farms produce large amounts of biological waste in a relatively short amount of time. The waste accumulates at the bottom of the pond and turns into sludge, leading to issues with water quality and possibly impact fish health. Conventional solutions to removing the sludge involves either physical or chemical treatment of the site. The EMF 1000 promotes aerobic conditions that can digest organic sludge and biological waste in-situ.

Water Evaporation

EMF 2000 Series

This series of devices are designed specifically for applications where waterbodies would benefit from either
increasing or decreasing the rate of evaporation. Depending on the application, significant positive impacts on
water protection, environmental health, resource management and costs can be achieved by using the EMF 2000.
There are two devices within the EMF 2000 series:

The EMF 2100

Increases the rate of evaporation by ~30% @ 25° C

The EMF 2200

Decreases the rate of evaporation by ~30% @ 25° C

How the EMF 2000 works

Once in the water and activated, specifically programmed electromagnetic signals impact certain physicochemical properties of the waterbody. The treatment can either increase or decrease the rate of evaporation of the waterbody. A single EMF 2000 unit is effective up-to a radius of 250m and impacts an area of 50 acres . The unit DOES NOT irradiate the water.

Impact on Waterbodies

Accelerated Brine Evaporation with the EMF 2100

Brine evaporation ponds are an important source of chloride production which allows mining of important materials such as lithium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride and sodium chloride. Chlorides production from brine has a long natural evaporation time ranging 12 to 24 months. The large surface area coverage required also has significant environmental impacts. The associated CAPEX is directly proportional to the surface area required. The EMF 2100 can significantly increase the rate of evaporation by up-to 30% which increases the rate of production, reduces the required surface area, reduces CAPEX by potentially 30% and/or reduces impact on the environment.

Mine Tailings

Water Reservoir Management

Reducing Evaporation in Water Reservoirs with the EMF 2200

Many places use water reservoirs as a necessary structure to store water. This is especially important for regions that experience drought or where water is scarce. Reservoirs range in size and can serve single or multiple functions, including irrigation, hydroelectric power, water supply and recreation. The total surface area of world water reservoirs is 335,000 km², representing 73% of global municipal water withdrawal. Evaporation of water from reservoirs represents a major source of water loss. The EMF 2200 can significantly decrease the rate of evaporation by up-to 30% which will help preserve the environment, reduce negative impacts and allow better utilization of existing water infrastructure.

Research and development

Ongoing Development


EMF 2100 is targeted to be on the market fall 2023 to service the mining industry to decommission or enhance the capacity of operating tailing ponds and to enhance the operation of brine mining by its ability to increase the rate of evaporation.

Water Reservoir Management

EMF 2200 is targeted to be on the market fall 2023 to assist in the management of water reservoirs by its ability to decrease the rate of evaporation.

Ongoing Research

1. Aquaculture

Increasing production and disease management.

2. Methane Reduction in Rice Production and Wetlands

Significant reduction of methane emission in rice production processes and wetlands.

3. Environmental Health

  • Potential impact of EMF treatment on water-borne anaerobic pathogens affecting human health
  • Improved water health promoting healthier populations of fish and/or water-based organisms that can feed on breeding habitats of potential pathogenic disease vectors